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Seafood Enterprise Argentinian XL Prawns Peeled & Deveined 800g


Ready to cook, peeled and deveined prawns for your convenience.

    Seafood Enterprise Peeled and Deveined Argentinian Prawns are a high-quality seafood offering. These prawns have been meticulously processed to remove the shells and veins, making them convenient and easy to cook. Argentinian prawns are renowned for their exceptional taste and texture, known for being sweet, tender, and succulent.

    With the shells and veins already removed, these prawns are ready to be used in various recipes without the need for any additional preparation. Whether you’re grilling, frying, or incorporating them into pasta or salads, these peeled and deveined prawns offer versatility and convenience in the kitchen. They can also be enjoyed as a delicious and protein-rich appetizer on their own.

    Seafood Enterprise takes pride in sourcing their prawns sustainably, ensuring that they meet strict quality and freshness standards.