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Tizer Chicken Pops 1kg


Tasty chicken pops

    Temptation has a new name with our tasty Chicken’tizers that are filled with flavour and easy to enjoy. The ready to make Chicken’tizers come in a variety of ranges that will light up any meal filled with goodness.


    Heat from frozen
    Preheat oven to 210°C; 100% dry heat. (For Combi Oven – apply 100% dry heat)
    Remove product from packaging
    Place portions on oven tray and heat for ±8 min
    Heat from frozen
    Preheat oil to medium heat (±150°C)
    Oil should be deep enough to cover the portions completely
    Fry for 6 mins, or until meat is heated through and golden brown
    Drain excess oil with a paper towel