Sustaining oceans and all that live beneath its rolling waves is inextricably linked to environmentally-friendly packaging. The better part of 12 months was taken to develop an ocean-friendly box to carry our range of export quality, flash-frozen seafood portions, all available on our website. The Seafood Enterprise brand, in existence since 1984, has taken its rightful place on the lid of our plastic-free carton.

To complement this extravaganza of succulent seafood portions, a range of Seafood Enterprise marinades and dry spice rubs were developed. 

The fish portions of your choice, thawed in a chiller, followed by half an hour resting in one of our marinades or a light dusting with one of our dry spice rubs, is all that is needed for you to go down in the annals of grilling or braaing history.

The ocean is no supermarket and available of different species will be decided by Mother Nature alone.

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